My plumber, my hero

Mike the plumber is in the basement doing magical things to our laundry room pipes that involves putting in decent shut-off valves to the pipes that service the new washing machine. This will be doubly good because we should have better connections for the hoses to the washing machine.

Mike the plumber is an excellent tradesmen. We were fortunate to find him when eldest was literally a babe in arms (a week old) and we’ve turned to him for every plumbing concern since. It was Mike the plumber who solved our drains problem after the specialty service screwed up. When anything needs done with the pipes in this house, we think of Mike the plumber. He always goes that extra mile and is full of sage advice.

For instance, I was nearly in tears last night as I struggled with assembling the base for the machine. This morning, he came by early enough to take over that fretful task and install the base onto the washing machine (why the heck was that so incredibly complicated that it nearly drove me to tears? I guess it’s because I didn’t realize that I could say “bugger this” to installing the too-small rubber pads on the feet of the levelling doohickies.). Now he’s fixing the pipes. And then he will hook the machine all up and we will have a lovely new front-loading, energy-efficient washing machine.

And I will hopefully never have to think about the machine again, except at laundry time or to think good thoughts about my tradesman hero, Mike the plumber. He’s worth every penny!

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