-20 with a windchill of -34.


Tomorrow’s forecast? “Partly sunny and not as cold, -18″.

Snarky bastards.

7 Responses to “Brrr”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    and our weatherman just described overnight temperatures as “frigid” at 28 degrees.

  2. tiruncula Says:

    OK, you got us beat. They’ve moderated the forecast for tomorrow to only the mid-teens Fahrenheit. It’s snowing very prettily; this morning we could see the tracks of all kinds of creatures I didn’t know were skulking around in the bushes. I’ve made beef stew and have plenty of warm comfort food laid in, so if I don’t leave the house tomorrow except to walk the dogs, it’ll be just fine.

  3. Chaser Says:

    oh my Lord. I’ve been crying like a baby over 30F. Yoy.

  4. undine Says:

    Please tell me you’re talking about Celsius–though at -34, the two temps are just about the same: too cold!

  5. Dr. O Says:

    Good God! I have been feeling sorry for myself because I walk in to work (just about 1 mile) and it was 17F last week.

    (this is FG from LJ btw, in my other “bat identity” LOL)

  6. ancarett Says:

    Well, don’t feel as bad for me as for those poor people in Winnipeg or Edmonton, say. They have it much worse most of the winter. And at least we all have block-heaters for our engines!

    It warmed up today to -13 and, as a result, we ended up with about six inches of snow. Can’t win, eh?

    And welcome, Dr. O, to the commenting ranks! I’m adding your blog to my links before I forget (again)!

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