The Right Thing

Racehorse Barbaro was put down today. It was the right thing to do say his owners and vets, in light of his recent setbacks. They had always made it clear that if he was no longer fighting to improve or seemed to be stuck with constant pain they would euthanize him.

All owners should care so much for their animals, be they house pets or livestock. And I’m pleased to see that others are taking this opportunity to not only mourn the untimely death of this horse, but also to call for a change in horse-racing:

  • Improved track surfaces like Polytrack
  • Ending the racing of two-year-olds
  • More time between races, especially in the big classics and campaigns

Fixing these problems in the system of horse-racing would be the best thing we could do to remember Barbaro. Don’t send teddy bears or flowers. Do send a letter to the Jockey Club or racing commissions in your jurisdiction as well as your state, provincial and federal representatives and ask what they’re doing to make racing a safer sport.

One Response to “The Right Thing”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Right on, sis! Good suggestions.