Geek Grrl Excitement

Finally! After a month of using the calendar function in our university’s system to display all of my time commitments, someone finally sent me an appointment request using the system. It was great to be able to just click on the request and see it added to my online calendar.

Now if only I could train everyone I work with to check the damned calendar and use that function to book in events, I’d have fewer days such as today where meetings were double or triple-booked because people just assumed I’d be free. I suspect that I will first have to train a significant portion of my colleagues on how to use the system to display their availability before that happens.

Such is the pain of the early adopter, no?

4 Responses to “Geek Grrl Excitement”

  1. Another Damned Medie Says:

    You know, that’s one of the few things I like about outlook …

  2. Gareth Says:

    I’ve been trying to persuade colleagues and relatives to adopt the ’shared calendar’ system for five years now - the technology is even older.

    But most of them don’t want it, because it removes the possibility of choosing when to have a calendar malfunction. Sometimes, such malfunctions are a good thing.

  3. ancarett Says:

    Gareth, I suspect you’re right. Social engineering one’s availability is much easier when no one can see your commitments.

  4. ADM Says:

    Most programs just show you as “busy” — so if you want to appear unavailable, just put in a bunch of appointments — including time at the gym, writing time, etc., and you’ll be seen as “busy”.