The Value of Visuals

Further to our discussion of Powerpoint and the value of visuals in class, an interesting Imperial History of the Middle East (Shockwave animation) which I’d show in my Ancient Near East, medieval or Modern Western Civ class at the drop of a hat. (Well, that will have to wait ’til next year since I’m not teaching either in the present term, but still.)

Don’t pile on about the errors and quibbles. I have my own reservations about the history portrayed. But I think this would make a powerful starting point for our discussions about the ongoing importance of the region in a class on decolonization, say, or the Crusader kingdoms.

4 Responses to “The Value of Visuals”

  1. Carmen Acevedo Butcher Says:

    I went to the Imperial History of the Middle East shockwave animation, and it is super. I told my husband, who studies history, “Look at this!” He got out of his chair and stood and watched it, saying, “Cool!” And he is hard to impress. It would certainly make a powerful “starting point” for discussion. I think the animation will appeal to students. I think we should do more to use the new and emerging Internet venues/softwares/animations intelligently, yes, but also as you say, without quibbling. I also have reservations about many books printed on paper. I just made a YouTube video in which I sing in Old English and read excerpts from a book I wrote on Hildegard, and students and others (500 now) have gone to the site. Students think it is very “cool.” Then they ask me questions about the material. It’s been wonderful fun, and we are all learning. Thanks for a great site! Carmen

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  3. sm Says:

    Very good. All maps should be considered the starting point for asking questions. I’m going to see what else is on that site.

  4. Laura Says:

    Cool! I might be able to use that for my Intro to Politics class in some way.