On requesting appointments

The correct response when a professor indicates the many, many hours she’ll be on campus this reading week and asks you to respond with specifics as to when you plan visit her in the office is not to write back and declare that you’ll stop by sometime. Oh, no, no, no!

The professor might well not be anywhere near her office for many of those hours, given the siren call of microfiche readers and the ticking due date to return her interlibrary loans of books in said format. While the professor would feel obligated to camp out in her office for a specified hour of appointment, the student who plans to just “stop by” will not elicit any such sentiments on the part of the professor.

5 Responses to “On requesting appointments”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Did the student get a message telling them that they might or might not catch said professor in the office?

  2. ancarett Says:

    Student got and finally responded to the message. We agreed to meet at two!

  3. PhilosopherP Says:

    They don’t understand that our jobs are not like office jobs…

  4. ancarett Says:

    You’re right, PhilosopherP. Some even get upset when we’re out of the office during the time for our other classes!

  5. Liz Says:

    This reminds me of time when a student actually made an appointment to see me and then stood me up. The next time I saw him and reminded him that we’d had an appointment and that I’d waited for him for 30 minutes, his response was, “Oh. Did you have something else to do?” He just couldn’t imagine that professors could have anything at all to do besides wait on students to come by. Maybe your student is this guy’s brother/cousin/father/son.