Time is an Illusion

I just might have preliminary rankings finished tomorrow for the scholarship panel I’m chairing. I have souped up the spreadsheet to autosum totals and that will make a rough assessment all the easier. What’s helping most of all is that my fellow panelists are actually working to the speedier schedule as I suggested. Instead of submitting their rankings to me two days before the deadline (as the idiotic paperwork suggests!), they’re getting me the numbers this week so we all have a little more time to consider the awards and reversion-list rankings.

Sometimes setting earlier deadlines really helps in the whole scheme of things. So remind me that I want my conference paper finished by next Monday (and not the 10th) and my proposal for the October conference finished by the end of that week (rather than the 20th). Telling myself I need to be done before the actual deadline usually works quite well when it comes to my own writing.

Now if only I could apply this logic to marking. Sadly, marking proceeded not nearly so efficiently over the break and I failed to convince myself that the papers need to be finished when I knew classes weren’t going to be in session. Therefore, I will have to devote most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday to finishing marking the latest set of assignments. I really should have set a midterm, damnit. Those are so much easier to mark than essays!

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