Security Blanket

My cellphone is a casualty of early morning rushes — flew out of my purse into the driveway and got left behind. Now the screen is cracked and useless. Tomorrow I will go see if Telus can give me a deal on a new handset if I upgrade my service, which I was planning to do, anyway. I don’t use the phone much, maybe ten minutes airtime a month!, but I realize that a few more dollars a month for caller ID and voicemail might not be a bad thing so I’ll see what we can manage.

My cellphone functions as a security blanket. If I have it, I can be reached and be there for my kids, no matter what. I still remember the heartbreaking terror that hit me when I came back from the U cafeteria one March day to a message from my husband on my office voicemail saying that he was taking eldest from school to the hospital with an apparent broken arm. I don’t give out my cell number indiscriminately: I reserve it for family members and emergency contacts. Being without the phone leaves me uneasy, so I’d best get it replaced and fast!

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