Research Buzz

The other day I talked about the research bug. But maybe a better term is research buzz. ‘Cause I just finished up my conference paper yesterday (all 2700 words, ouch! — might have to eliminate a few if I don’t want to race through the talk) and I’m still feeling quite the buzz. I want to go back through the sources piled (neatly!) on my desk or squirreled away in my hard drive and look for one more good quote, one more perfect parallel and stuff that in. I want to build, expand and develop. I want to run down to the microfiche cabinets in the library and pour back through the relevant years of L&P or State Papers, Venetian to see what else I might have missed.

Yes, it’s really like a buzz. I’m in a happy state of mind where I’m slightly distracted from everything else. Giving a short presentation on the history of beer last night to our student society, one of my colleagues asked if I was nervous. I told him these things never made me nervous anymore (which is true) but I also should have said, “I’m on a research high! Nothing can mess with that.”

Well, perhaps someone scooping me in a journal article that comes out in the next six days. But the odds of that are miniscule. It’s not like the subject I’m writing on is such a hot topic, after all. So the buzz will continue, especially if I remember to keep it going with regular visits back to the research materials.

One Response to “Research Buzz”

  1. Chaser Says:

    This buzz is the best!! Yay!!