Into the swing

Tomorrow’s our first department meeting of the term — things should go well enough, I imagine. The big difficulty is getting my head around the fact that classes start in a little more than a week. I have to get my reserve lists ready (which means I have to decide what all goes on reserve for the senior seminar). That reminds me that I must double-check the list of seminar presentations subjects against the DMA listings in order to ensure that every student will have something from which to start their research.

As an aside, 182 students now registered in the three fall term classes. Eek!

2 Responses to “Into the swing”

  1. New Kid on the Hallway Says:

    Yowch! That is a LOT of grading!

    (Welcome to your new digs, by the way - is the header photo yours, or a placeholder?)

  2. ancarett Says:

    The current picture’s a placeholder — part of the Wordpress theme that I installed. I’ve whipped up a variant on the old header which will go up in its stead, as soon as I find out how to manage that bit of magic, that is!