One to go

Posted marks for one class this afternoon. Now I just have to finish the exams for the other.

Then it’s time to pick out books for my three fall classes (book orders are due May 15)! Yes, now I’m considering book adoptions for three classes. There’s a second year late medieval survey (circa 100-1450s), a British survey (1399-1714) and a senior seminar on early medieval histories.

The latter is the most fun to play with as I plan to assign only primary sources for the main course readings (students will present some historiographic background to each week’s seminar discussion but the major readings are all primary sources). Last time around they read a bit of Suetonius and Eusebius for starters, followed by Ammianus Marcellinus, Procopius, Gregory of Tours, Jordanes, Einhard and Bede. This time, who knows? Mike suggested I give them a week to dig through the admittedly sparse early sources on Arthur which would probably be a hit. As I use a custom reader for the course, that’s also eminently possible. And I’m considering using part of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. But any other ideas of sources available in translation (and not too expensively!) would be appreciated!

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  1. Barb Says:

    How about “The Tain”? My students are always fascinated by the (relative) gender egalitarianism of pre-Christian and early Christian Ireland, and few of them are aware that the Ireland they think of didn’t really exist until after the Vikings took over the island and established towns like Dublin. And I like to use Gregory of Tours (although as a French historian, I’m probably biased about that one). And I enjoy teaching Bede, too. These are all available in inexpensive paperbacks.