Cunning Plan

So, in my bid to cut down on piles of paper before we move, I’m following through on a vague promise to eldest: we began scrapbooking today. This way we’re able to winnow down the immense pile of art and school photos dating back to 1999 (and maybe even some preschool materials!) as well as make a small scrapbook to memorialize the old house.

Already eldest has completed two pages and designed a third. Tomorrow we get youngest in on the excitement. It’s fun to go through the old photos (there are even some of my own childhood photos that had been saved by my parents) and figure out what will work well in the scrapbooks as well as better ways to store the rest of the material we really want to keep.

2 Responses to “Cunning Plan”

  1. Barbara Says:

    You definately got some of Mom’s genes, kiddo! She would agree it is a cunning plan!

  2. tiruncula Says:

    Excellent idea!