More Purging

Two giant garbage bags full of clothes for donation (there’s a pick-up in our neighbourhood on Tuesday). One blue box full of unwanted childhood art and memorabilia. Bit by bit, we’re clearing out stuff we don’t need so that the move in July won’t be so painful.

Okay, I know it will still be painful. But leave me with my delusions, please?

3 Responses to “More Purging”

  1. tiruncula Says:

    The purging is sort of satisfying, even if there’s nothing that can make a move not-horrible on the day itself. I’m still appreciating opening my closet and finding only things that currently fit, after last summer’s giant purge.

  2. What Now? Says:

    Oh, it will definitely be painful in July. But at least you’ll know that you’re reducing the amount of junk that you will pack up, move, and then on the other end look at and think, “Why on earth did we pack this?”

  3. Ricki Says:

    Something that we did that eased things a lot during our last move. In addition to purging, we rented a storage unit that was conveniently located to both homes. As we cleaned up and boxed items, we moved them to the storage unit rather than back into a closet or attic or a corner of the house. It was easy for me to take a couple boxes to the unit as they were “ready”. It kept the house livable - and viewable to prospective buyers. On the real moving day, we moved items from the house first. This allowed us to give the house a final tidy (vacuum, etc) while the things from the shed were moved.

    We were moved out of one house, and into another house with the furniture all in place and set up, within 6 hours… so yes… PURGE NOW…