Twelve Years On

This being eldest’s birthday weekend, I took a small gaggle of preteen girls out to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. As an extra treat and to acknowledge their maturity, I let them enjoy the movie without my inhibiting presence. (As an aside, this was a bit of a sacrifice since I am the most fangirlish fangirl to hit the pike and I would probably have enjoyed the movie. But parenting involves sacrifice, no?)

It’s sometimes hard for me to process how much has changed how quickly, a dozen years along. I remember eldest’s arrival into our lives in great detail. I still sing the same song to comfort her when she’s ill or sleepless that I sang to her that first night in the hospital. I remember those first steps, those first (of many!) words and so many other moments, touching or silly. And, yet, I have to acknowledge how far she’s come. She’s an individual, growing by leaps and bounds and will sooner be out the door, seeking out the challenges of the the wide world, than I can think back to those first days together.

Forgive the maudlin ramblings, but she’s an amazing kid and I’m lucky to be her mother!

2 Responses to “Twelve Years On”

  1. Anastasia Says:

    awww…this makes me want to cry and it makes me excited to see my little girls grow up.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    It’s just crazy how quickly they grow. It’s hard to think that the little baby from the day they were born is the same person standing in front of you now.