What’s in a word?

Bright and early at work, Friday morning, I’d signed up for my weekend of free access to the Dictionary of National Biography. Spent a few hours finishing up my gradebook, periodically checking email to see if my activation had arrived. By eleven thirty, with no sign yet of that email, I gave up and signed up again with my gmail account, getting the activation email in less than five minutes.

One hundred pages of great biographies and almost thirty-six hours later a SP@M BL0CK email appears in my university account. Turns out that the system considers this a dangerous threat, activating their “Adult Dictionary” caution (usually employed to screen emails filled with terms referring to male and female genitalia and the augmentation thereof).

Cynical minds want to know if the word “dictionary” is also a keyword filter for their “Adult Dictionary” flag.

One Response to “What’s in a word?”

  1. anbruch Says:

    The overreactive spam filter reminds me of all those accounts that require making up passwords with unintelligible sequences of numbers, letters and non-alphanumeric characters and/or frequent changes of passwords—all in the name of “security.” Of course, now we all have little sticky notes spread about the office or computer files of passwords, which are just so much more “secure”!