Rainy Days and Weekends

We took the girls to swimming this morning where they got the good news that eldest passed her Master’s Swimming program so it’s on to the lifesaving training when she’s ready. Youngest still has to work on Star One and is a bit discouraged, but doesn’t have half the skills yet to proceed. Since it was free swim time, eldest opted out when none of the other older students showed up. Youngest played happily for forty-five minutes. After lunch it was films all around: a birthday party at the cinema downtown for eldest (who didn’t like the movie and howled to be taken out fifteen minutes into the film) while Mike and eldest went to the other theatre to catch the new Fantastic Four movie.

Now the storm that’s been promised for hours is thundering into town. I’ll log off and work on dinner.

One Response to “Rainy Days and Weekends”

  1. ancarett Says:

    mom it was youngest who went to the movie not me i don’t howl. i have more dignity