Purging Continues

Both at the office and at home, this week is full speed ahead in the purge and pack marathon. I should be completely moved at the office by the end of the week. After recycling enough offprints and old notes to fill a blue bin standing chest-height, I have more papers to purge tomorrow as well as one more bookshelf to pack up. (The British history books get packed up last since they are my primary research tools.) Now let’s see if physical plant actually gets the new shelves installed upstairs by Friday as promised?

And at home we packed up all the fine china and crystal. Mike was pleased to find there was not quite so much stuff on this front as he’d feared, although I warned him that the kitchen still had its share of glassware and cooking utensils that’ll fill up several more packing boxes. Still, another room packed up and a bit more stuff purged: a good day. Why, I even had time to do lunch with a favourite former student of mine!

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