We Have Shelves!

200706261235 Stopped by the office this morning and there they were! (Sorry for the lousy cellphone camerawork.) Of course, I had to unpack and sort all my books. Everything’s pretty well unpacked, though I still have to go through a few odd bits and pieces, hang up the artwork as well as organize my desk. But it feels great to have a workable university office again after a week without!

4 Responses to “We Have Shelves!”

  1. Advice At Your Own Risk Says:

    I’m not sure what I like better, the shelves or the orange door! :-)

  2. Barbara Says:

    OMG, I even see free shelf space! You must be in 7th heaven!

  3. ancarett Says:

    AAYOR, you’d like our building system. First floor doors are blue, second floor doors are red and third floor doors are orange.

    Barbara, only about half the shelves on the wall beside the door are filled, so there’s definitely room to grow!

  4. Medieval Woman Says:

    Oooo! Such lovely books and bookshelves - mazel tov!