A Bearable Lightness

Second trip to the dump in two days. Old paint (some cans from when we moved into the house) disposed of at the hazardous waste site. Seven bags of stuff donated. Many trips to the recycling centre.

We’re down to the wire in moving and the more I look around, the more I’m tired of all this stuff. Some things have been surprisingly hard to let go, but I looked deep inside myself and said “I no longer want this”. Then I passed on children’s books the kids had outgrown, recycled old fanzines from my university days and just plain trashed a lot of stuff that really wasn’t useful to anyone.

Purging is good for the soul as well as the home. A month ago I went through this in my office, passing on books that I didn’t want or need. And I feel happier when I look at things I want, rather than felt compelled to keep. I’m still left with a great abundance, but it’s no longer a weight on my shoulders, pulling me down.

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