The Best Gift

This year’s best gift, hands down, has been a week and a half of my father’s time spent here in the True North. When the whole moving plan was hatched, he offered to lend a hand with the move. I think I accepted within a nano-second!

My dad has been wonderful a wonderful help during all of this chaos. He took over ferrying youngest back and forth to her daycamp, entertaining eldest during the packing jags, helping disassemble and secure the washers, calm my nerves during the move itself and contributing in a million and one ways after we got here. Thanks to Dad, eldest has newly painted furniture in her bedroom, the front door latch fits perfectly (again!) and so many other things went just right.

But, best of all, these past ten days, he’s been here to visit with me. We’ve chatted about computers, mused over paint colours, talked about dishwasher maintenance and sat on the back deck, just soaking up the sun. We’ve caught up in ways that even the longest of long-distance phone calls can’t duplicate.

I’m happy about my new house but I’m overjoyed about this family time I’ve been given. Thanks, Dad!

One Response to “The Best Gift”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Glad to hear Dad was such a big help kiddo. Don’t forget to let him know by showing him your blog. We were both very very fortunate to have great parents and this is one of those times that you need to make sure he knows how lucky you and I are to have him around. I am also glad to know you and the family are pretty well settled before the craziness of the next academic year starts.