I need to develop a stronger sense of realism when it comes to estimating how long some projects will take. Creating the department’s new website is taking many more hours than I’d thought it would — every single faculty page builds from data already entered by someone else but I do have to tweak it all and that takes time. There are at least six more faculty pages to go before I can make the whole site “go live” and I can only update at the university. And there are only so many hours of the day I can be there. And so it languishes far longer than I’d like it too. But, oh well!, it’s not my primary job so it shouldn’t be my primary focus over the next while.

What is the top priority is writing. This article/conference paper I’m trying to write? That takes time. More than fifteen minutes here and there will allow for! I need a careful re-reading of the piece in progress and several days to pull together the references and ILL requests for the new primary resources I’ll need for the research. I have to recognize that this won’t all get done this week but, at the same time, that if I don’t spend a certain amount of time and effort on it now, it will languish endlessly.

At least I’m getting a fair bit of uninterrupted work time at my new university office. That’s making everything much more pleasant to work upon but I have to watch myself so I don’t fall in the trap of thinking “this will only take a minute!” and start over-committing myself for the new academic year.

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