History Snark

Upon rereading the textbook I’m assigning my students in the early modern British survey, I came across this gem of an assertion I’d somehow overlooked before, regarding the relative merit of Queen Anne against the other sovereigns of the Tudor/Stuart era:

Queen Anne may not have been a skillful administrator herself, but she knew how to delegate power wisely. That skill, combined with the other attributes already mentioned [note: the authors enumerate these as common sense, dedication, respect for the Constitution, attachment to the CofE as well as love of and responsibility to the people] would render her not only the most popular and successful of the Stuarts but, arguably, the most successful ruler portrayed in this book.

Okay, the Stuarts were not all that amazingly competent a bunch of monarchs but, really!, the Tudors are preparing to come and get monarchical on Bucholz’s and Key’s asses for that bit of revisionism!

One Response to “History Snark”

  1. Nettie Says:

    Queen Anne was roughly cylindrical and about the height of a fireplug. I’ve always quite liked that. And she had a war named after her.

    I love the idea of a competition for “most popular Stuart”. Of course the competition for “least popular Stuart” could be more exciting. I vote for Ludovic Stuart.