Her turn (transcribed)

Autism feels like normal people. Any people can get angry and stuff. The things that bother me are losing at video games, bananas and oranges (they smell icky), sour tasting stuff like lemon, very loud noises, wars, fights and homework. I like toys like the Trollz doll I got, dolls, cars, ice cream, chicken and french fries which my mom makes or at Kelsey’s, Casey’s and the Keg. And garlic cheese bread.

I would tell anyone who wanted to know about autism about my plays and F.O.P. which is a show I’m going to make. That is all, except for one thing. Kids with autism are kids, too. Except when they’re fairies. Like I think I am.

8 Responses to “Her turn (transcribed)”

  1. Laura Says:

    Tell your fairy-daughter that I like garlic cheese bread, too.

  2. Mrs Darling Says:

    Aw. How precious! Give her a hug for me today!

  3. Critter\'s Mom Says:

    What a fantastic post. Thank you for sharing that with us. I especially liked the part about the fairy.

  4. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    I missed this earlier — how very cool!

    PS — another job in your geographical area opened up …

  5. Ozymandia Says:

    As the Auntie of a dear boy with autism, I have to agree with this whole-heartedly. :)

  6. profgrrrrl Says:

    How wonderful to be a fairy. A round of garlic cheese bread for everyone :)

  7. Laura Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I don’t like losing at video games either and I always lose to Geeky Boy now. :(

  8. mjones Says:

    You don’t like bananas, eh? I have a dog who will eat anything. ANYTHING. Things you and I don’t even want to think about.

    But she won’t eat bananas.

    Maybe she knows something.