Fun with Penitentials

Via BoingBoing, it appears someone has scanned what I agree is the most amusing page from James Brundage’s massive and wonderful Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe:

Flowchart of Inevitable Sin

3 Responses to “Fun with Penitentials”

  1. Belle Says:

    Oh thank you. I’ve run self and friends a copy, and we’re ever so grateful to you for the link.

  2. Notorious Ph.D. Says:

    I had the inestimable privilege of working as one of Jim Brundage’s graduate students at the University of Kansas before he retired. I ended up going to Kansas to study medieval history in large part because of that flow chart.

  3. ancarett Says:

    Oh, I bet that he was a great professor to work with! I agree that the flow chart is just plain brilliant. If you can’t bring a sense of humour and a new perspective to the history you’re studying, you’re not going to survive for long. That chart spoke to me of insight both scholarly and humane.