Primal Screams (of Academe)

  • To all professors and graduate students in the program: No, I do not have your TA assignment ready nor can I guarantee you the assignment you want. We have to see tomorrow exactly how many we have and where they are all needed. Be patient! We never used to have this figured out before the end of the first week of classes.
  • Why, o why, are the only times they schedule the new SMART board training session for when I’m not available? Why, why, why?
  • Where the heck are my desk copies for the late medieval course (now standing at 92 students registered)? The publisher says this is the second time they’ve sent them, so I can only assume there’s a gremlin somewhere hoarding my texts.
  • Speaking of that class, I have to finish the WebCT site and do some Powerpoints for this course (the last time I taught the late Middle Ages was in 2001 when I was stuck with overheads as the cutting-edge technology available for historians). I am beginning to feel perilously unprepared.
  • Somewhere in the next two weeks I need to finish my conference paper, write a chapter abstract and also whip together an abstract for Kalamazoo. And I have absolutely no idea what would be good for the latter which is a scary first for yours truly. Have I truly come to the end of my academic rope? Stay tuned!

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