Canine Care

Somewhat like some of my photos, today’s passed by in a blur: much of it dealing with Goldie’s recovery. DSC01017

The good news is that she’s doing well. The drugs wore off on Saturday and our dog returned to pretty much normal. No more dropping suddenly to the floor in a doze and a return to her incessant up-and-down whenever one of us rose from our seats. She started barking again, more’s the pain for our ears! But overall, the recovery’s been pretty smooth, at least until today.

We took Goldie to the vet’s this morning to have her dressing changed. Her wound is healing nicely but I think the visit gave her ideas because this afternoon, between when Mike left to start his shift at the library and I returned home with the kids, a bare hour and a half, she’d ripped off her new dressing down to the gauze. Cue an unexpected trip back to the vet’s where a new dressing was applied with warnings that if this one came off it’d be an Elizabethan collar for our Sheltie.

We’ve got some little “doggie booties” to try and keep her from ripping off her dressing tomorrow when neither one of us can be in the house tomorrow and Wednesday. Wish us luck?

One Response to “Canine Care”

  1. Belle Says:

    She’s gorgeous. Let’s hope Goldie is as good as, and doesn’t require a more formal collar.