Hoist By My Own Cellphone

For the first time this year, a student’s cellphone rang in class. I cheerfully joshed with him as I pulled out my own already muted cellphone and thumbed down the ringer button, reminding everyone that they wanted to turn off the sounds in class.

Not ten minutes later? My own cellphone rang. Seems I had thumbed the ringer back on when I’d pulled it out to use as a prop. Doh!

I knew by the number on display it was only my helpful Dell CSR, wanting to confirm details about the battery replacement but I told him I couldn’t talk now, thumbed the ringer back down to vibrate with particular attention to the detail and put the phone away to general laughter. (Small rant: what part of “phone before 11:30EST do they not understand!)

A bit embarrassing, but I’m betting that they’ll all remember to turn the ringer off and double check that setting before class starts. As will I and remember to not inadvertently turn it back on!

2 Responses to “Hoist By My Own Cellphone”

  1. Ricki Says:

    Don’t hate me for finding that story to be amusing :-)

  2. Notorious Ph.D. Says:

    Something similar happened to me once: about halfway through the semester, 5 minutes into a class with about 20% of the students missing, I hear a muffled cell phone ring. I put on my patented “Who the fuck forgot to turn off their ringer” glare, and looked around. Then, with a sinking feeling, I realized that the noise was coming from *my* bag. Sheepishly, I turned it off. The class had a good laugh, and I said, “Well, all those people who are absent are going to be sorry they missed *that*!”