Dear Students

What part of “submit your work in class or via the WebCT Assignments Area; emailed assignments will not be accepted” do you not understand?

I’m scared to open up my WebCT account and see how many late assignments are decorating that email inbox after the three I found this afternoon in my regular university mail.

2 Responses to “Dear Students”

  1. Belle Says:

    I suppose it’s out of the question to simply bounce those errant emails back w/a failing grade and instructions to follow instructions?

  2. ancarett Says:

    That would be satisfying but I would be ragged with guilt and also have to spend a lot of time fielding student complaints.

    I think what I’ll do is send the emails back with a note about the policy and a request that they submit the assignments on paper in the next class or not at all.

    If I don’t quell this movement soon, I’ll be having dozens of students email me their assignments by the end of term and that’s a logistical nightmare.