Stop the World (I Want to Catch Up)

Twenty hour days should not be the norm.

My conference paper for Friday is still not ready to go.

I have piles of marking to complete before 1:30 on Wednesday.

The internet was down (our modem is “flaky” and has to be serviced or replaced) until 8:30 and all the marking left to do is online so I’m even farther behind than I would expect.

We’ve run out of special dog food, which can only be purchased from the vet’s office, for the dog who’s heading to the kennel for boarding tomorrow afternoon.

So Wednesday morning I will drive Mike to work, the girls to school, double back to see if the vet has dog food, pick it up if it’s available, head back to the U, teach my seminar class, break briefly for lunch, run my afternoon class, pick the girls up from school, pick the dog up from home, take him to the kennel, pick Mike up from work.

Then? We collapse!

2 Responses to “Stop the World (I Want to Catch Up)”

  1. Notorious Ph.D. Says:

    You know, days like this are bad. But actually thinking about them is even worse, I think.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Hang in there Sis! I agree with Notorious that thinking about them does make them worse. So, do what you do well, hunker down and just drive through it.