What’s More Sad. . .

Finding myself deep in a sense of déjà vu as I produced a draft document for some university duties?

Or finding an electronic file carefully preserved from seven years ago (the last time I carried out this particular duty and had somehow preserved the same through four different computers) and realizing that it could be revised for the current situation? (Yes, I am that much of a digital packrat. But it pays off, damnit!)

In any case, that was still three hours of my life that I’ll never get back when I used the framework of the old to compose the new. And then I happily anticipate the fun of integrating all my colleagues’ genuinely helpful suggestions into the many subsequent drafts of the same administrative paperwork.

At least this time I’ll remember to burn the appropriate files to CD so they can be handed on to whomever’s lucky enough to be doing this duty seven years hence.

One Response to “What’s More Sad. . .”

  1. sm Says:

    When people ask you for repetitious planning documents it may mean they don’t want to make decisions yet.