Go Eng

Yesterday I took eldest to an event at the U: Go Eng Girl. It was a great event despite the relatively low turnout because, when I walked in with eldest, she really didn’t have much of an idea of what was meant by engineering but, when we walked out three hours later, she was pumped with excitement about the field.

I appreciated the speakers (from the university president and dean of engineering to current and former students) who highlighted the fun and opportunity in the field for women. One featured speaker especially drove home the point that to be a successful professional woman you don’t have to give up family (slide of her toddler riding in a carseat stroller at the airport and an acknowledgment of her current pregnancy) or have to be a genius (she dealt with a learning disability and was “never number one in my class” but succeeded nonetheless!).

The girls were given free rein for a few hours to try out all sorts of fun activities including filtering water of contaminants with filtering technology of their own design and building a maze to transport a ball from Point A to Point B. It sure seemed as if they had a great time and the enthusiastic students who lent their support were working hard to keep them all involved.

This event was great. Eldest may not be an engineer, I know. We keep telling her, however, that she can be whatever she wants to be. With activities such as this, I know that she knows it, now, too!

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  1. Tiruncula Says:

    What a cool event!