Emergency Costume

DSC01051 Youngest is still waiting on a hallowe’en costume in the mail, so I took her to Fabricland today where she picked out some fabric for an anime kimono outfit. Got home by eleven and the outfit was finished by two, in time for us to take her to the Respite Services Hallowe’en party. She was thrilled to have something new to wear (though she’s still waiting for the great costume in the mail). I’m still chuffed that I can sew something from nothing (including no pattern) in no time flat!

2 Responses to “Emergency Costume”

  1. meg Says:

    I’m impressed that you could whip this up in less than three hours — gah.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Meg, you would have had to met our mother to understand. We both had survival training and sewing was an integral part. Heck before college, we created items without patterns. Just wish I had a photo of my sis in the costume I made for her for one of her sci-fi conventions.

    Mom would be proud you still use your survival training, sis. Keep up the good work and hopefully the costume and package make it there before Wednesday.