Frustrations in a Minor Key

Why does my FTP to the department website suddenly not work anymore? Especially when I have colleagues’ cv files to post and no way to get them up. And no response from the university webmaster. It’s one darned tech disaster after another here, compounded by the fact that the entire university internet access will go offline Thursday afternoon to Friday morning due to construction in the area. Way to go!

And I’m up far too late considering all I have to do tomorrow. And there are even more students sneaking enrolling in my classes. Thirty-one, maybe thirty-two, in my senior seminar? Eek! The overall numbers are creeping closer to two hundred every time I look.

And, amidst all that, is it shallow that I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear to the office tomorrow? (Rather like 1B* but without the organized polling options.) Hoping to start the term off on a professional-seeming, if totally sleep-deprived note. . . .

8 Responses to “Frustrations in a Minor Key”

  1. ADM Says:

    Is tomorrow the day that you have to make your ‘beginning of the year’ impression?

  2. ancarett Says:

    No students, just colleagues. Still, I decided to start the year off well with a striped shortsleeved sweater over black dress pants. I even remembered jewelry and *gasp* makeup.

    Didn’t look too bad. Now I have to figure out what to wear Thursday for grad student orientation and then, the following Thursday, when classes start anew.

  3. bright star (b*) Says:

    I like the way your outfit sounds. :)

    When you get a chance, can you change my old blog link (as I’m no longer at Making Peace with Myself) to my new one?

    I think it’s okay to admit our superficial thoughts, such as clothing ruminations, sometimes! It’s fun.

  4. ancarett Says:

    Gah! 1B*, some days I see how the term “Absentminded Professor” came about. Changing that link now, before I forget!

  5. bright star (b*) Says:

    no problem at all! thanks for doing that.

  6. sm Says:

    Good grief,

    Your course load makes me realize how well off I am (and everyone else at your neighboring institution)!

    Big challenges this year: We lost half our dept to retirement or outside plunderers this spring. But the new people are bright, seem hardworking, and some of them have worked together in the past.

  7. ancarett Says:

    SM, Next term should be far easier — we’re just slammed with not only the double cohort but rising enrollments from the B.Ed. (concurrent) where 25% of the students are history majors.

    We’re also dealing with replacements but in a far smaller proportion. I’m sure they’ll show me up!

  8. sm Says:

    Sounds very much like our dynamic.