Why Time Changes Suck

Because, with an autistic child in the house, getting the hang of this fall back an hour takes, literally, days and days of five in the morning wake-ups to get through. (Spring forward is another problem involving trying to get the child to sleep before eleven.)

Thank goodness for my laptop!

6 Responses to “Why Time Changes Suck”

  1. profgrrrrl Says:

    Do autistic kids have different internal time clocks or are they more hardwired to a 24-hour schedule or something? Just curious, had never heard of this before.

  2. ancarett Says:

    Autistic kids tend to sleep less or less deeply at night than normal kids, or so I’ve heard (and seen). Also, it’s really hard to get an autistic kid to understand that what feels like 6 in the morning is to be treated now like 5 (and therefore too early to rise, chatter and play).

    We just have to “brute force” her into staying up later and work to keep her as settled and quiet in the morning as possible until she adjusts (usually about four to six days).

  3. profgrrrrl Says:

    That’s interesting (and I’m sure frustrating with each time change).

    By the way, yesterday at s’bux I saw grandparently people with 2 girls who looked JUST LIKE your daughters. I did a triple take, seriously. But I figured that they (a) wouldn’t be in these parts and (b) don’t have southern accents.

  4. ancarett Says:

    Weird! My girls do have one grandparent in the Carolinas, but they haven’t been there anytime recently. I guess they just have doppelgangers!

  5. Ana Says:


    Here is an interesting view on autism, it provides an insight that is hard to find. It is called “In my language”


    (it may be intersting for others… no regrets this time, I am still sorry.)

  6. ancarett Says:

    Thanks! That clearly demonstrates some of the ways autistic people express and experience things differently.