Reading Pleasure

So I’m taking breaks from marking over the last two days and tackling Michael Bérubé’s What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts?.

What a complete joy this is to read! It’s neither politicized screed nor overwrought posing. It’s approachable, affable, insightful and engaging. You get the feeling for what Bérubé’s like in the classroom — the type of professor you want to have because his teaching stretches you beyond your comfort zone and your current knowledge. That, my friends, is what I’d like to achieve in my own teaching.

I recommend the book highly. There’s not a finer discussion of the circumstances and possibilities inherent in the contemporary university classroom out there. And the potshots at David Horowitz and his ilk are things of beauty.

One Response to “Reading Pleasure”

  1. Belle Says:

    Thanks for the tip!