And They Probably Looked Like Wilma

Well, obviously the only newsworthy part of uncovering a great European Neolithic settlement that revises our thinking about the start of metallurgy back about five hundred years, provides strong evidence for an active family life and valued role for children in the culture is that Prehistoric women had passion for fashion.


Sometimes it hurts to be a feminist. Like when you bang your head upon the desk too many times in one day. Ouch!

3 Responses to “And They Probably Looked Like Wilma”

  1. squadtratomagico Says:

    Holy Shit! The part about the manly men loading the furnace while the girls in miniskirts look on? Urrggh!

  2. Belle Says:

    Now, now… you know the interviewer ignored all the non-sexist parts. Otherwise, the piece would never have been picked up by anybody.

    Let’s get out our clubs (fashionably decorated, of course) and beat them all silly.

  3. Notorious Ph.D. Says:

    Ow. That’s just… ow.

    I’m with Belle on this one.