Behind the Bars

Grading Jail is really, really boring. Except for the interest generated by student work (which has been generally of good quality, whew!).

It’s just the repetitive nature of it all that’s got me down — open another file, write in comments, record mark, repeat. *sigh*

That and this damnable lingering cold. It goes without saying that I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, doesn’t it?

4 Responses to “Behind the Bars”

  1. sm Says:

    Well, now I’m in jail too. But it helps that the assignment produced some good student thinking. Not necessarily in tandem with good student writing.

  2. ancarett Says:

    You’re right that sometimes the great ideas don’t coincide with the greatest expression. If only. . . .

    Ah well, one massive set of paper proposals are marked. Working on one even more massive pile of quizzes, then a modest stack of bibliographic essays. Somewhere in there I must get back to my chapter. Ack!

  3. Crystal Says:

    I taught at UMass Boston for a year and it was the grading that put me over the edge. Since I worked fulltime and was teaching the night writing course with 28 people, it meant that I had to spend my entire weekends grading papers…blech!

  4. Belle Says:

    I’m temporarily out of jail, but go back in tomorrow afternoon, for the remainder of the week. Ick.