Fun With U Bookstores

You know, I really don’t see what’s the point of submitting my book orders in October, then phoning in early December to confirm they have been ordered (since all aren’t showing on the shelves yet), only to get an email now noting that one of the books I’d specifically enquired about had, indeed!, not been ordered and so we could expect it in 4-5 weeks.


I’m not that much of an optimist. I’ve asked them to cancel the order given that my students will likely not want to buy the book if they can’t use it when we’re covering the material (and I really can’t restructure the course so that we cover the topics later in the term since it’s a birth-to-death social history seminar which would fall apart if I have to cover old age before I get to youth just because the relevant book didn’t get ordered by the bookstore).

Please tell me that the rest of you are having a better time of it with your book orders!

2 Responses to “Fun With U Bookstores”

  1. sm Says:

    Don’t give up on your original choice. Check with the online services for delivery time, and if it will work, tell the students to order that way. Many of them probably do anyway. You did give the official supplier first crack at the business, and they were unable to handle it.

  2. Belle Says:

    This term, I’ve had better luck (knock on wood) but in the past, I’ve done as you did; simply cancelled the book and found something on hand.

    So frustrating. One term I found that none of my book orders had been processed by the online book ordering system. And I discovered that one week before classes started. It wasn’t pretty.