One Down, Two to Go

Gigantic class marking is finished and will be entered into the system tomorrow. The other two classes aren’t quite so challenging, although it will take me all day tomorrow and part of Thursday to complete the exams and tabulate marks in the not-quite-so-giant-sized class of 80-some. Even with Excel auto-calculation, it takes a while to ensure all the input’s correct and to make decisions about marks on the cusp of the pass/fail and other divides.

I did find that I can use the view student section of WebCT to push their exam and final marks to the students “My Grades” tool. Wonder how long it’ll take before I get the first complaints?

One Response to “One Down, Two to Go”

  1. Terminal Degree Says:

    It took two days before I got the first complaints. Luckily our e-mail system went down for over a week and I could ignore them for a while. :)

    Hang in there with the grading!