Today was the first day I ventured off the property since, what, Christmas Eve? Mostly I holed up in the house, entertaining, baking, reading, tidying, gaming, playing Scrabble — the usual lazy holiday feeling. Tried not to watch too much news because, oh!, things never seem to get any better, do they?

Gifts were good and are much appreciated. I have new warm and cozy sweaters, a lovely necklace, books to read, DVDs to watch and a happy family who’re enjoying their own holiday haul.

It’s been good to have this relaxing holiday break, but I have to get back in focus. Today we ran a few errands, including taking eldest off to spend her gift card at Old Navy and youngest to do the same at Chapters. I’ve taken down and stowed away all the holiday decorations (see you guys next year!). Still not rushing around, though — I’m slowly building back up to speed and thinking about the world in bits and pieces.

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