This Saves Us Time?

Okay, now that marking is complete for last term, I’m working away on preps for this term. There’s yet another course I’m teaching that I haven’t had a WebCT component for previously (Western Civilization, French Revolution to Present), so I’m spending lots of time and energy getting that organized: setting up the Help Area, creating the syllabus, starting up the online library of overheads, etc.

Of course, what was the most fun was making the header image for the course and deciding on the colour theme. Yes, hopelessly geeky, here!

3 Responses to “This Saves Us Time?”

  1. Belle Says:

    Yeah, but don’t we feel more creative on that stuff that looks pretty than the words?

  2. ancarett Says:

    Oh, definitely! And this year I have a new laser pointer/presenter controller to use in class. So I have that to anticipate happily as well . . . .

  3. Barbara Says:

    You will WOW them as usual sis!