World of Weird

We got our gas bill on Friday after not getting our gas bill for three months.

Turned out that somehow they’d changed the address on our gas bill to an address at which we’d never lived. Somehow the latest bill got to us despite that problem. Thank goodness because, eep! No gas? In cold Northern Canada? In winter? Not to be dreamt of.

I spent some time on the phone with the gas company and the woman who took my call was full of amazement and disbelief at the predicament. She fixed matters up with the wrong address. She’s also waived all the late charges that were piling up as well as sent copies of the gas bill to my new address. And we’re paid up through the current month so, whew!

One Response to “World of Weird”

  1. Belle Says:

    Brrrr. That would be cold! How did you find out? I found out that the various credit reporting agencies have me living for a couple of years in Nearby Snobville - at a time I was living abroad. And they won’t correct it. Go figure.