No Longer Pending Approval

Heard from one of the editors of the anthology to which I submitted an article in December. They’re both quite happy with it as they mark up for the minor changes needed. Hooray! That’s a relief because even though they’d approved the proposal and seemed interested in the chapter draft, I know that’s only the first step on what can be a long and frustrating road.

Now I just need to think what’s the best sub-category on my CV to reflect that change. Should it be listed as “Forthcoming” or is there some other phrasing that sounds best? I ask because my dossier goes before a university committee on Monday and it’d be nice to give them that updated information (as well as copies of my other work that came out the end of December). Usually I just go with “Forthcoming” until it’s actually “In Press” or “In Print” but it doesn’t hurt to get some advice now, does it?

7 Responses to “No Longer Pending Approval”

  1. profgrrrrl Says:

    No answers … but I’m curious about this too. Hope someone has an answer.

  2. Psychgrad Says:

    I always write “in press” as soon as I find out that submission has been accepted. I think that this is APA style, though, and may not apply to your area.

  3. Susan Says:

    Well, if the volume has been accepted for publication (i.e. there is a contract) then it’s “forthcoming”. Otherwise it’s “My brilliant Essay” in “Even more Brilliant Anthology”, under consideration by the Awesome Press.

  4. Kristine Says:

    Ms. Mentor over at the Chronicle did a piece on the question “What does forthcoming really mean?” last year. Her answer? “The rules vary. The definitions waver.”

  5. Barbara Says:

    In press.

  6. Belle Says:

    I sure don’t know, but congratulations!

  7. Notorious Ph.D. Says:

    Congratulations! I’d tend towards “forthcoming” until you’ve sent back the corrected page proofs, but that’s just opinion.