XKCD Strikes Again

‘Cause, after all, what’s more satisfying? Sleep or online flame wars?

Wait, don’t answer that!

More great insights from xkcd: How It Works (Gender and Math)

Trebuchet (or Auto-Targeting Lasers)

Real Programmers Use. . . .

3 Responses to “XKCD Strikes Again”

  1. wolfa Says:

    You forgot the absolute most accurate xkcd ever, though:


    (I still have a little soft spot in my heart for http://xkcd.com/18/ too)

  2. On Reading for Pleasure and Writing What You Think « Professor Zero Says:

    […] 2. In News of the Generation Gap (if reading a flame war is a pleasure) my mother, an older white lady who voted for Edwards by absentee ballot before he left the race, reported Monday night that she now favors Obama. What she said of the Clintons: “I am tired of that whole generation, and I really think it is time to move ahead.” Hah! That is what my students said also, in a class where most people are about sixty years younger than my mother. […]

  3. ancarett Says:

    Wolfa, the cat comic is a classic (and I love the fish-tail shape of the graph) but the Snapple one always makes me groan. Some puns are too painful for words!