Bright things

Like One Bright Star, I’m choosing to accentuate the positive and hold myself to those things that will stand me in good stead throughout the upcoming term:

I choose to put my teaching first not in mere commitment of time but in well-defined ways that will improve my student’s experience and my own sense of course management. I will let go of my perfectionism, recognizing that panicked micro-management doesn’t really make for a better course, in the end.

I will keep up with my academic writing maybe not every day but certainly many hours each week. Wednesday will be my research and writing day where no classes or meetings should intrude. I will use that day wisely as well as allot time for the same every Monday and Friday. And I will not apologize for my research interests to anyone!

Mens sana, corpora sana is more than a nifty tag line. I know, from personal experience, how much better I feel and how less likely I am to succumb to illness, if I exercise regularly. I vow to do so at least three if not four times each week.

Martyrs are generally unpleasant people and I don’t want to be one. So while I know I have the heaviest teaching load in the department, I don’t want to waste my term whining and moping around the department. I will neither abandon myself to endless unmentioned hours of coursework nor waste my time complaining to colleagues. I will get it done and make sure that I get all the support I deserve.

4 Responses to “Bright things”

  1. bright star (b*) Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of not being a martyr. Too many people at work seem to play the game of trying to be the MOST busy, the MOST stressed, whatnot. It’s awful. I so much do not want to be like that.

  2. ksenia Says:

    Resolutions? Yes! Please tell me that you are another academic who believes that the New Year starts, not in the middle of some cold January night but with the first day of school. New books, new notebooks, new pencils (with new erasers) a new start all around. Now the New Year starts for me when the first school bus of the year comes down the road. My husband says I spent too many years in school.

  3. Another Damned Medievalist Says:

    Yay! I’m there, too!

  4. What Now? Says:

    What a fabulous list, Ancarett! I’m going to come back and reread this list again as a reminder to me of taking care of myself.