Everyone slept through the night. It’s a miracle!

Eldest’s cold was bad enough to keep her home. She was stretched out in the recliner beside my computer desk until I ordered her over to the couch for a nap. I’m actually contemplating getting thoughtful work done — something beyond the order of reviewing Gregory of Tours for next week’s senior seminar class.

It’s interesting — when I’m sick or seriously sleep-deprived, I feel comfortable teaching, at least as long as I have my voice. But I feel incompetent to mark or write when I’m that far “under the weather” in one way or another. I suppose it’s because the work in front of the classroom is part performance (which has an element of rehearsal behind it — I know what we need to get through and pretty much how to get there) and part orchestration (pulling the appropriate student comments out at the start and critical junctures). Those have an element of detachment and management that’s less demanding than the work of thoughtful analysis involved in marking (to some extent) and research/writing.

In any case, it’s fall break and I wouldn’t be teaching at all today. Just marking. And a few emails for work. And more marking!

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