Secondhand Success

Just received a happy email from a former student. He’s been accepted into a doctoral program in Scotland after a long slog harkening back to our undergraduate program, through M.A. degrees abroad and, in another interdisciplinary field back here, and now, to where he wants to be.

It’s a testament to persistence and the start of what I hope will be a happy career. It’s sad to note that this is the first of my former students (I count only those I supervised in senior projects or mentored closely) who let me know that he’s gone onto a Ph.D. Most of them lose touch once they’ve settled in elsewhere for the M.A. and I’ve never had one of my students stick around for our own M.A. as the lack of personnel in the pre-modern field, besides myself and one francophone colleague, is a real killer.

Anyway, it’s another little pleasant moment to chronicle and remember.

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