Sore, Slow and Sweet

I’m recovering from Wednesday’s senseless sprain though the finger’s still a bit tender at two spots and definitely too swollen to slip off my wedding rings. I’m trying not to use it as much as normal which has cut into my typing and writing time. So marking’s getting done but just not as fast as I’d hoped over the fall break. At least my course preps for this week are pretty well set!

So fall break wasn’t as productive as I’d planned but given all the crises of the week, it was a blessing to have the time free from teaching. I could have beaten myself up over the missed goals or moved on. I chose the latter and enjoyed some of the weekend.

Mike and I walked the dogs on Friday morning all the way to the lake. They were completely exhausted. Yesterday I took the girls to the Y and played with my favourite computer graphics software. The girls and I carved pumpkins this morning and even roasted the pumpkin seeds at eldest’s request. She tried them but was only moderately impressed. I’m attempting to be good and not eat them all up. We’re gearing up for tomorrow — the big day — where we celebrate not only Hallowe’en, but youngest’s birthday. She helped me tidy her bedroom in order to clear some space for her new acquisitions sure to be unwrapped tomorrow.

As I said, not a very impressive list, but it feels pretty sweet.

One Response to “Sore, Slow and Sweet”

  1. Mel Says:

    Glad it was only a sprain — I broke my ring a couple years ago when it got caught in the leash… Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend.