More fun with typos

In Forecast Typohonour of the many typos I’m finding as I mark essays, I share with you the latest discovery: a typo in my Firefox weather toolbar. Today’s officially “Mistdy” — I think I like it!

4 Responses to “More fun with typos”

  1. Barbara Says:

    What other great typos can we find or create? Umm . . .

  2. Sneadwoman Says:

    Thank GOD someone else can’t type! Or spell.

  3. Ozymandia Says:

    Sometimes typos become handy words… like my friend who came up with nagivation, which we have decided means “a method to motivate others to write fanfic”. It works really well

  4. Chris Laning Says:

    I vividly recall encountering a “crosstoad” in some prose or other — I could just SEE it in my mind’s eye, sitting in the middle of the intersection frowning….

    My all-time favorite typo occurred at a conference where I was volunteering in the secretarial office. One of my colleagues, typing the daily bulletin announcements, began to laugh out loud — I walked over to her and read over her shoulder that under the child care schedule, she had typed:
    “Please be prompt in picking up your children for lynch.”