Sense and Sensible Footwear

So, Bitch Ph.D. hosts a rollicking discussion on should she or shouldn’t she buy some outrageously expensive but totally kicking boots and all I can think when I look at the pretty footwear is:

If I wore those, I’d be flat on my behind faster than you could say Whoopsie Daisy!

I am such a klutz, sometimes, moreso when it involves schlepping huge stacks of syllabi or marked papers along with a folder of lecture notes and a steaming cup of Tim’s. I have been known to nearly wipe myself out walking down a totally dry hallway. Winter multiplies the hazards with the halls awash in a salty, sandy slush. I’m lucky to keep my footing wearing the practical square-toed, low-heeled shoes I prefer.

And, yet, there’s something about those boots that are just so appealing. Maybe because I can remember my grad school days when I used to stride across Toronto in a killer pair of suede high heeled boots? Before suitability for dashing after children and slogging through snowdrifts became my standard against which I measured winter footwear? Or maybe it’s nostalgia for something that almost really never was anyway, for I believe that I wore those suede boots about a dozen times before they were chucked out.


4 Responses to “Sense and Sensible Footwear”

  1. sm Says:

    She’s going to buy the boots. She may never splurge like that again, but she will this time.

    Splurging continuously is juvenile and boring, anyway, isn’t it?

  2. bitchphd Says:

    LOL, it’s because they’re FANTABULOUS. They speak to your inner fatabulousness.

  3. bitchphd Says:

    Oh, and the title of this post is most excellent.

  4. ancarett Says:

    Thank you for the compliment, bitchphd! And those boots do sound fantabulous — I just wish my balance was such I could do more than imagine myself in such footwear!